Activities Examples

  1. Conduct Virtual Sales Mission by inviting Tour Operators from both Europe and Nepal

  2. Research local, medium and large scale Travel and Trade fairs in Europe and disseminate the information to Tour Operators in Nepal

  3. Make necessary arrangement to represent on behalf of Tour Operators in Nepal at Trade and Travel Fairs in Europe, providing an opportunity for the latter to have marketing and B2B networking connection with potential clients in Europe at affordable cost

  4. Participate and conduct research on how Nepal can be established as one of the top holiday destinations for European tourists

  5. Create a database of Nepalese restaurants in Europe

  6. Provide digital tourism promotion materials to all Nepalese restaurants in Europe

  7. Develop a mechanism for commission-based financial benefit to Nepalese restaurants in Europe for introducing their customers as clients to tour operators in Nepal

  8. Provide necessary guidance, virtual resource ( e.g. brochure design, banner design, program structuring etc.), local connection etc. to Nepalese organizations in Europe who are interested in organizing Nepal promotion events in their country of residence

  9. Facilitate regular conference calls between Nepalese diplomatic missions in Europe to discuss strategic and result-oriented Nepal tourism promotion in Europe

  10. Develop effective Social Media tourism promotion strategy and share with stakeholders in Europe

  11. Create a database of Tourism Operators of Europe (by enrolling them as members); provide regular Nepal tourism related information to them

  12. Organize Virtual Talk programs by inviting European Tourists who have visited Nepal, Mt. Everest Summiteers, High-end tourism personalities in Europe etc.

  13. Facilitate and provide guidance to Nepal Tourism Promotion enthusiasts in Europe for bringing in political personalities and celebrities from Europe to Nepal.

  14. Facilitate Nepal tourism related business collaboration and promotion for mutual benefits of its members.