Business Consortium


  • Create a business consortium comprising businesses related to Nepal Tourism (from both Nepal and outside Nepal)

  • Create a collaborative platform for economic benefit of all involved parties.

  • Create the most reliable channel for commercial activities related to Nepal Tourism in Europe

Organizational Structure

  • Governing Body

  • Members (Business Owners)


  • Companies related to Nepal Tourism Business both from Nepal and outside Nepal

  • From various sectors in tourism business spectrum

  • Selected based on need basis and specific requirements

  • Contributes actively to the consortium; takes the economic benefit where applicable

MemberS - Roles and responsibilities

  • Appoint a representative as the dedicated point of contact

  • Actively respond to Governing Body’s requests

  • Attend monthly meetings

  • Contribute towards tourism promotion in Europe and creation of innovative tourism packages for European tourists

  • Promptly address inquiries from potential European tourists

  • Co-ordinate with other member companies for the execution of tourism packages and sharing of economic returns

  • Give service priority to tourists who travel to Nepal through the consortium channel

Application form