Co-Existence of Charity and Tourism

Chat with Ms. Lesley Warburton, Mr. Roy Blatchford CBE and Mr. Mike Cheeseman from Q-learning Nepal

The founders of Q-learning Nepal, based in the UK, who have established a school in Hangdewa, have come up with a new concept on how Charity and Tourism can go hand in hand. They have planned a very noble concept to give the money generated through tourism back to the local community.

Watch the recording of the talk program in the above link. If you would like to get in touch with Q-Learning Nepal, they can be reached at

Their mission is to "Build Back Better – Tourism for the Benefit of the Local Area" which includes.

Transformative Model –

1. Build Local Knowledge

  • Build Local Knowledge of what the Villagers Want

  • Build local Knowledge and Deliver on Promises

  • Do Everything Officially.

  • Build Local Knowledge Sustainably Fund Through Tourism

2. Build a Global Education

3. Build Global Jobs in the Village

  • Build Global Jobs in the Village

  • Get a Broadband Connection – the options

  • Use Internet To Bring A Step Change In Resources Available For The School

  • Create Future Employment Opportunities