event Report - Germany

The first brainstorming session to make Nepalese Restaurants in Europe as Nepal Tourism Promotion Hubs kicked off on 21st August 2022 from Germany. The virtual program was jointly organized by the Embassy of Nepal Berlin, NRNA - Nepal Tourism Promotion Committee (NTPC), Europe Nepal Chamber of Commerce (ENCCT - www.encct.eu) and German-Nepal Friendship Association (DNG).

ENCCT Chairman Mr. Deepesh Man Shakya offered special gratitude to HE Ambassador of Nepal to Germany Mr. Ram Kaji Khadkafor his unfettered and ubiquitous support for this initiative. Mr. Shakya also thanked Mr. Sagar Prasad Phyual for his commitment to support this campaign. Mr. Sagar is the focal point for Economic Diplomacy related activities at the Embassy of Nepal Berlin.

The campaign is a joint initiative with active help and effort from Mr. Som Sapkota (ENCCT General Secretary UK and NRNA Nepal Tourism Promotion Committee Chair, Mr. Kamal Bhatta (ENCCT Director, Switzerland), Mr. Santosh Bhattarai (RC Europe NRNA-ICC and ENCCT Director, Germany), Mr. Kamal Bhattarai (ENCCT Director, France).

The restaurant entrepreneur speakers were Dr. Naba Raj Roshyara (Wiesbaden, Hessen Germany), Ms. Diana Weinert (Cologne Germany) and Mr. Yagya Raj Subedi (Essen Germany). They provided their valuable thoughts and suggestions on what would be the best way to move this campaign forward.

Mr.Ram Pratap Thapa (Honorary Consul General to Germany at Cologne and Chairman of the German-Nepal Friendship Association) also spoke about the necessity of promoting Nepal Tourism through Nepalese restaurants.

The event was organized with a cluster of fewer restaurant entrepreneurs only, to make an environment for meaningful discussion. The plan is to organize a series of similar interactive meetings with other restaurant entrepreneurs in future in Germany and gradually in the rest of Europe as well.

Below are some of the suggestions and experiences presented by the participants during the interaction program.

  1. A mechanism for continuous follow-up is needed.

  2. Explore the possibility of promoting Nepal Tourism through Nepal handicraft shops.

  3. Mr. Yagya Raj Subedi mentioned the events that he has organized in the past: culture exchange events and open Air Nepal Festival. He is currently organizing a Nepal Bike trip in collaboration with German locals.

  4. Ms. Diaran Weinert said she had organized a Nepal evening presentation at Aago Nepalese Restaurant.

  5. Design Digital brochures

  6. Explore the possibility of online business for Nepalese goods promotion.

  7. Include other businesses in Tourism Promotion; more than 500 Nepalese businesses in Germany.

  8. Many restaurants would be interested in Nepal Tourism promotion but constant support is needed from the respective embassies and NTB.

  9. Need to collaborate with local Travel Agents who deal with Nepal Holiday trips.

  10. Explore the possibility of approaching NTB to develop an app for the commission-based tourism promotion model.

  11. Get NTB-HPRRs involved in this campaign.

  12. Need to identify and list the requirements for promoting Nepal Tourism through Nepalese restaurants. What type of materials do we need etc.

  13. Request restaurants to come up with a proposal on possible avenues for tourism promotion through restaurants.

  14. Mr. Santosh Bhattarai (Owner of Asia Quick) mentioned he will create a concept paper on his ideas for promoting Nepal tourism through Nepalese restaurants.