Event Report - UK

Key takeaways from the event:

  1. Start a campaign in Europe to encourage European tourists planning to go to Nepal to go to Nepalese restaurants before going to Nepal.

  2. Start a campaign to send a friend to Nepalese restaurants in Europe. The goal is to help in the restaurant business and also encourage them to visit Nepal.

  3. Need to train restaurant staff on how to promote Nepal Tourism through the restaurants they work at.

  4. Organize Nepal Food Festivals in big shopping centres. Restaurant owners expressed their full support and willingness to participate in NTB or the Embassy leads to organize such events.

  5. Provide Visa forms in restaurants or at least make restaurants able to provide all visa-related information.

  6. Chicken Tikka Masala was first introduced in the UK by Mr. Krishna Bahadur Thapa. Bring such things into the highlight.

  7. Need updated brochures; not with the ones which have Visit Nepal 2020 logo.

  8. Give Nepal-related gifts to restaurant customers on their birthdays. e.g. Topi/T-shirt/pote etc.; help to create bonding and eventually a loyal customer bolstering restaurant business.

  9. Organize an interaction program with the Airport authorities in Nepal to provide suggestions on ways to improve the issues faced by tourists.

  10. Organize Visa information virtual seminar to provide comprehensive information on Nepal visa.