Potential Activities

  1. Nepal Tourism Related Table Mat / Table Talker

  2. Nepal info Barcode for scanning

    • Put in restaurant receipts

    • Put in restaurant menu, table mat and table talker

    • Add in special wall hanger

  3. Organize regular Nepal Evening events with Nepal Talk Programs

    • Explore the possibility of inviting speakers virtually e.g. Mt. Everest Record holders etc.

    • Invite the local Mt. Everest Summiteers, Nepal Returnees, travel bloggers etc.

    • Advertise in restaurant FB page, Embassy Page and other relevant social media outlets

    • Broadcast live on restaurant FB page

      1. To be shared on relevant social media outlets

  4. Restaurant Website:

    • Add links to Nepal Travel Information (including varieties of packages)

    • Add a Nepal Tourism slideshow

  5. Restaurant Display Screens:

    • Play Nepal Promotion Videos

    • Run Nepal Promotion Slides

  6. Hang Nepal posters on restaurant walls

  7. Distribute Nepal Promotion brochures

  8. Invite local bloggers, celebrities for dinner

  9. Interactively engage with customers for their Nepal trip through a travel agent.

  10. Add visible advertisements on restaurant websites and FB pages to contact restaurant staff if they need information on Nepal Holiday trips.