Press Release

Europe-nepal Food Conference 2021

Europe -Nepal Chamber of Commerce for Tourism (ENCCT) is organizing "Europe-Nepal Food Conference" on 24th April 2021 to promote Nepalese Food in Europe and unify the taste of Nepalese Cuisine served in Nepalese restaurants.

The conference will also aim to formulate a strategy to promote Nepal Tourism through Europe based Nepalese Restaurants. The online event will be conducted on Zoom from 11AM GMT to 2PM GMT i.e. 3.45PM NST to 7.45PM NST.

At the conference, a discussion will be held to form active committees to help intensify the promotion of Nepalese Cuisine in Europe and create a support platform for those who want to establish Nepalese restaurants.

Furthermore, the conference targets to brainstorm on innovative ideas for Nepalese Cuisine promotion such as the usage of technology, create a unified platform for food order and delivery system, digitization and advertisement of Nepalese restaurants in Europe through a common platform etc.

The organizing team at ENCCT is requesting all Nepalese restaurant entrepreneurs in Europe to come and share their thoughts on innovative ideas to promote Nepalese Cuisine through various measures and ways to turn it into a profitable business.

In summary, the conference will revolve around the following topics:

  • Introduction to New Heritage Cuisine

  • Unifying the taste and appearance of Nepalese cuisine

  • Promoting Nepal Tourism through restaurants

  • Creating business opportunities

  • Digitalization of food business

  • Using technology to promote Nepalese Cuisine in Europe

  • Ideas on turning Nepalese food into a profitable business

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